A Little About Myself.

Hey guys. Most of all I’d like to tell you a little about myself. I’m a girl, full of imaginations, fantasy and million dreams; live in Indonesia; this is my first time blogging. I’d like to use this blog to tell you stories, sharing my minds… etc.

And then a little about my life. Well most of all people must’ve great friends right? Best friends? Well so am I. “Currently” I have 4 besties; they’re in same class as me. They all are really. Really. GREAT! I love them all. ^o^

And about my family; I have three brothers and one sister, and a mother. My father has already deceased. Hmm.. I think that should be enough. Oh yeah, I’m a high school student. And I love anime, game, and manga. And I am an Asgardian and a Cassiopeia! :p (sorry that’s just a glimpse of my imagination^^;)


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